Aztec Sacrifice(Blender Guru Competition)

wip of my scene for the blender guru competition, i’m planning to show the ritual where the heart of the victim is removed and offered to the gods . Comments are welcome .:slight_smile:


Good start! It’s a bit dull at the moment. Maybe a bit darker sky and the actual ritual with blood and all could make it more interesting. Would it? :smiley:

the lighting there right now is only temporary and i plan to have blood dripping off the altar and on the floor beneath and perhaps some blood splatters from previous sacrifices. Thank you for the comments:)

Great start :slight_smile: one thing is the steps of the stairs looks too small for me compared to the size of the altar, but maybe it’s just for me.

I see what you mean about the steps, i’ll definitely make them a little bigger. Thanks for the comment.