Azul Maduro - Short film

After a year trying to be accepted to festivals around the globe, we decided to make this film available to anyone. It was a work of love, love to telling stories. Stories I want my kids to watch and feel related.

Azul Maduro is our fourth short film, done in a small budget (this time intentionally): a Nikon D800 DSLR, three actresses, our office and a public park as locations. Oh! And of course Blender and Cycles.

Here’s a link to the video:


Awesome, apart from official blender foundation movies there is not that much animations of this quality level.

Nice! The character and the animation are really nice!

The acting could be better though, and the compositing from 7:58 until the end looks a bit off too (but being a low budget short with time and money constraints that is understandable). How much time it took to do the whole production? From recording to final rendering?

You should do a making off showing the process for those of us who are thinking about doing a project like this :slight_smile:

You know what this short reminds me of? There was a movie that came out in 1991 called “Drop Dead Fred”. It has some similarity to it such as having an imaginary friend that one can see but her. This was a good short to watch. I would love to see the process on how to get the reptilian creature on the live action footage.

Heart warming and GREAT JOB


The whole production was around a year o maybe a little more. Shooting was done in several sessions (7 days), because of the girl and the other actresses availability. We filmed a last scene with the short almost ready, actually the girl (my daughter) was very different in the last scences compared from the first ones, the dress was very tight and we discarded the shoes for the size.

I’m not happy with the comp neither, but chroma and tracking were a nightmare. Reshooting of the grown up girl was not possible, that actress in particular was very kind to participate between hee movies and telenovelas, so we decided to leave it there.

Thanks! I’ll try to catch that short.

Most scenes don’t have any camera motion just to avoid camera tracking for the animated scenes. We could do it but it was considered as time consuming, enough to be out of budget.

Thank you! I’m happy it touched some people.