Azuma de tadao ando render version

render based on azuma de tadao ando house, I used E-cycles for rendering.
I made this quick project with the porpuse of practice lighting and texturing.
all models are made by me and I used Affinity photo for postproduction.




Scale ! SCALE !

You did a really good job on materials, they are clear and neat, no problem at all with that.

  • The main problem I see here is scale. If your space is, let’s say, 2,50m high, those chairs would be almost half the height, so 1,20m high, and that’s wrong.
  • The chairs are not adapted to these scene either, you made a good job to create a atmosphere between wood / concrete / metal, with straight and clean lines. And then, your chairs are good old seats you could find in my grandma house :stuck_out_tongue: Up your game !
  • If you could create a purpose for each of your room by using assets that fits the atmosphere and give a sense of usage, that could be great too.

Keep up the good work ! :ok_hand:


Really when I finished this render I noticed this problem (point 1), but I decided keep like that because this is a quick project for practice lighting and materials. Anyway, thank you for your constructive criticism n.n

Yes, the scale is off, but somehow I find it fits this render and mood and the unusual proportions may tell a story.


Man, those are the legendary Carl Hansen Wishbone chairs. I doubt your grandma has them in her house :smiley:. But you are right that they don’t fit the style and the scale is wrong.
Btw. Carl Hansen has a chair designed by Tadao Ando. That might fit the interior quite well ;).

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Thanks for the heads-up, I didn’t know that :+1:

I’m really not into product design, and it’s funny to see now how many chairs from Carl Hansen I used without knowing it :neutral_face:

@EntityDesigner did you used anything from white background for lightning this scene?

Looks great ! I really like the materials on the chair. What was the render time and settings?

no, did’nt. I used an HDRI of overcast sky.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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