B 2.8 and onwards: Layered Materials with transparency

I was wondering if this is even possible in Blender 2.8-2.9?

So I built this one-size-fits-all city material in Blender 2.79 using the Blender Internal render.

The material features eight (yes) individually moveable UV-maps stacked on top of each other, starting with a palette of base colours, then onto some structures, various shapes, etc. Most notably, the window shapes have a specularity and a mirror effect not affecting the brickwork, base colour etc.

I also have a version going where the windows act as Alpha “holes” overriding all other layers.

It all works quite marvellously in Blender Internal but I decided I should at least try to take my stuff to the 2.8 and beyond-world and make the whole thing node-ready.

So I guess my questions would be:

-Is this even worth my time or should I simply stick with Blender 2.79 for this particular style for the time being?

and if yes:

-Can anyone tell me where to find a good node tutorial on that? There are tons of tutorials on how to layer two images but it does seem to get exponentially more complex with every new texture.

I could attach a node setup I made if that helps.
It’s a bit of a monster and doesn’t do the job very well, the main problem being maintaining 100 % Alpha visibility down a bunch of cascading nodes (ie non-mixing – “MixRGB” with Alpha as a factor works well with two images but after that, I’m a bit lost).

Thanks a lot!
Stay safe.