Welcome to the Bunker Area To Hold Time Urgent Briefings, a secure and secret SHIELD facility. (Ok, I guess it’s more of a room.) This was a very quick model for me; I was focusing on texture, displacement, and scale. It may be hard to tell, but everything is to scale for an average sized human (including the camera).

This was also the first time I’ve ventured into the hugely important world of displacement. You can see it best on the walls and the frosted glass- the walls use a Crackle texture and the frosted glass uses a glass texture I found online. By running the color of this texture through a brightness/contrast reducer, I was able to create a decent effect for the displacement.

There’s also a LOT of emission nodes, I’m particularly fond of the buttons on the hologram table.

Done in Blender 2.8, rendered in Cycles. ~21 minutes for each render (again, there’s a LOT of emission nodes), 674K vertices.

This is technically done, but I’m very open to learning. I want to become better at Blender, so any thoughts you have, please share! I’ll do what I can to implement them in future.