b.blend and Blender versions

I have two versions on my PC (2.14 and 2.27). I haven’t had any problems yet, but I’m wondering if the b.blend file in 2.27 saves info that only pertains to 2.27 that would make working with a previous version unstable. I haven’t experienced any problems so far…(crosses fingers)


The same B.blend is used by them all. If you change your defaults in one version the other will start with the new B.blend.


Ahhhh the marvels of programming done right. I’d love to get into it enough to actually program a piece of blender…that’d be sweet.

AFAIK, all the info in the .blend is backward compatible, it will just not load anything that it doesn’t understand.


of course once the xml version of blends are made, they won’t be compatible with none xml enabled version of blender.

Makes me glad I learned XML. 3D graphics is an application for it that I never even fathomed.