b-bone and vertices


as far as i understand the point of b-bones is to create bendable bones so you dont have to create a hell of small bone chains.

i created to bones, turned them into 7 element b-bones and attached a cylinder wich has so many cross sections as elements in the b-bones.

when i bend or rotate a b-bones, the bones bend nicely but the cylinder doe snot follw that. he bends only like i am only using two straight bones.

any clue or help?

is that even possible what i have in mind? it seems to be a way to create tentacles ect with b-bones wich are the same like spline bones.


If I remember the BF logs correctly (man…there are a LOT of them)…

I belive these are not implemented yet. Only the actual deformation of the
armature itself.

It will however come later…

…and you can bet I’ll report it in the animation feature thread :slight_smile: