B Bone Twist Question

I am trying to use a B Bone with 4 segments for a forearm twist bone. The arm rig is controlled by an IK constraint on the forearm bone. I have the rotation controlled by copying rotation from the hand’s IK controller. It seems to work well until I hit certain translations of the controller and then the segments of the b-bone seem to be rotating out of sync with each other. In other words, the segments do not rotate gently down the chain of segments, they start getting strange, random rotations. I have the “in” and “out” values set to 0 so it should only twist…right?
Maybe can’t use IK and have a b-bone twist?


Adding some reference images. You can see it a bit on the 4 segments, but it gets worse on the 8 segment:

Does this happen only when you reach 180 degrees of rotation?

Curved Bones is little finicky you know. Proper set up is important. Turn bone axis on, and check to see if all the bone axis is properly aligned to each other.

I think I found the solution: Yes, it was finicky set up. Had to check all the roll on the bones, alignments etc. Set the ease in and out to .001 instead of zero. I was trying to “retrofit” them and I just had to plain set it up again correctly. :wink: thanks guys!

heh, heh, ok now, how do you change the thread name to add “solved” to the title? :slight_smile: