B-Bone won't behave


I’m following Cessen’s Rinky Rig turorial. which is awesome btw.

But the spine B-Bone keeps twisting its segments so when I weight paint the mesh also twists.
The neck is fine, I have re-added the spine twice now to my rig and still it happens?

I have selected the head, neck bones, rib, spine and pelvis bones and did the whole Cntrl+N to recaculate the bone roll angles, but still twisting.

Can anyone answer why this is happing and how to fix it?



Go into Edit Mode for the armature and select the bones that are in the B bone chain . Hit N to bring up the Transform Properties subwindow, and check the bone roll value for each bone (even the non segmented ones) . You will most likely find that at least one or more of them have a bone roll value of 180 or -180 . Set them to 0 and the twisting will stop .

It is always best to check the bone roll values along the X axis symmetry manually (at least since 2.46 when the devs added the Z up axis “recalculate bone roll” function) because it is very buggy now . It tends to apply the 180/-180 roll value to the “spine” bones if it doesn’t align at 90 degrees to the Y axis … For some reason it doesn’t set all roll values to 0 … :confused:

Thanks Vertex Pusher it worked.
You saved a lot of hair pulling for me.

Cheers heaps