B bones Roll and Track to

Any way to fix this bones roll plz ?

I use Track to on bones. Each bone track Vertex. Vertex have Curve modifier.

I don’t think this has anything to do with Bbones. This looks like it’s just about the Track to constraint. The track to constraint has poles.

Think about it this way: you’re a satellite, orbiting and pointed at the earth. Your front always points at the center of the earth. Your top always points to the north pole, as much as it is able to, keeping your front pointing at the center of the earth. From this, we can determine where the satellite’s right side points. That’s how track-to works. Now, what happens to the satellite when it’s exactly above the north pole? Where does your right side point? It is undefined, could point anywhere. What about when we’re not at the pole, but near it? It changes rapidly with even miniscule changes in position. That’s how a track to works.

What should you do instead? I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing here-- what you’re tracking, what parenting is, etc. I would suspect that using locked track + damped track would probably be better.

I know why bones rotate and how its work.
But i cant rotate Path normals or something. I cant lock bone rotation.
I have test create Spiral (path) with vertex and convert to Curve, with Bezier and Path.
Best way Path, have problem only at top.