B-Bot. First attempt at doing a robot.

Hey there

So i’ve modeling low poly stuff for a couple of years. never really done any fancy stuff. (Sub-D what’s that).

I’ve also never really used cycles. Always been more of a realtime render person. Anyhow.

This is my first project where im staying exclsively in blender. no subtance painter. no zbrush. No nothing. Figured its the best way of learning.

It started as a little tech-test trying to get to know Hard-Ops. So there’s no clear direction. something I feel everytime I sit down and shoot from the hip. But it’s slowly getting there.

For now I just whacked some random materials on it and used a preset lightning setup.
The end goal is to create a fully formed broken robot. With some sort of enviroment…not sure what yet:)

The end goal is to rig it. …so I’m trying to make sure that limbs etc work…I guess we’ll see.

Imgur album here.

Cool. Look forward to seeing this progress.

A good start!

Pretty damm good first try! For the environment, definitely a desert

Good work so far! Anxious to see how this turns out!