B-Boy Game Character

Hi everyone!
I wanna show you my last game art model.

Poly modeling
Faces: 9K
Diffuse: 2x2048
Specular: 2x2048
Alpha: 1x512
Normal Map: Only bake from diffuse.
Rig: Rigify
Render: Cycles, Knald 1.0

I hope you like and please enjoy!


cool!, well done, only problem, is his dead face, bt being for a game i kind of understand it…

Nice dude, I’ve wanted to do a model like this for ages but never got around to it. Good job.

The area around the elbow is off but other than that no crits.
The muscles from the forearm tuck into between the biceps and the triceps further up the arms. And the biceps should extend further down the arm also the elbow point should be further down the arm.

Make a fist and bend your elbow and see where your knuckles meet your shoulder, that will give you the elbow.

B-Boy Turntable

Render in Marmoset Tollbag 2.02.