B Brush "No X Crossing" flattens mesh like a panca

Hi all,

I posted in python forum but no answer after many minutes. LOL. Alright, I know I should wait for a while but I’m an impatient man living in an impatient world.

What am I missing here.

Create a cube, slice it in half, mirror modifier, subdivide a few times, activate b brush, turn on “no x crossing”, try and work on the mesh and it assumes the annorexic position.


Love the b brush

What is No-X-Crossing? I don’t know what you are talking about.

Saw that post but I thought I’d leave it to Cambo or Letterrip. Anyhoo, no X-Crossing means that edges won’t cross one another in X directions (parts of the mesh ‘popping thru’ neighbouring faces). It doesn’t take into account the mirrored border (which need not necessarily even be alligned to X Global or Local). You can ‘fix it’ with Relax.

Maybe ask Cambo for the ability to recognize mirror modifier?


B brush is a new modelling tool in blender. Find it in python scripts.

The “No X crossing” I believe is to keep vertices from crossing the x axis?

ok, looks like I’m wrong about that.

THe problem is when using b brush on a mirrored mesh the vertices along the x axis are pulled or pushed away from the axis. Is there any way to keep them at x=0. I can forget the “no x crossing” button which doesn’t appear to work except to flatten the mesh anyways.

I fingered it ouT!!!

Your mesh has to start in the positive. Makes sense now. That means your mirrored mesh should start on the right hand side in view port #1.

And it is to keep vets from floating away from the x axis.

Actually, I’m wrong; the tooltip for the original script (not 2.41 BBrush) says “use for X-mirror” and it works. You can use Shrink/Grow right on the mirror border and it remains intact, so there’s obviously a prob with BBrush.