B-Brush Sculpter Minor Problem

If you change Blender’s mouse buttons over it causes this script to not work. The brush can not be called up with left mouse click. This not a major problem but I have my buttons swapped over.

This is true.
It’s said somewhere in the forum, but I lost the bookmarks.
You should switch your mouse btns if you want to use the script and then switch back.
No other solutions atm.

OK. It’s not a major problem. If there is no solution then I’ll just swap my buttons back. I swap my buttons because to me this makes Blender a bit more logical. This script is definitely a great addition to Blender.

Hm, I also have my buttons swapped in Blender. I tried to run the B-brush script and blender crashes each time that I click after running it. I did try swapping the buttons, but it does the same thing. Does the button swap need to be saved in the UI first by saving user defaults?(i really don’t want to overwrite my default settings though :stuck_out_tongue:

CAn someone help me get this script to work? I’d really like to use it but I don’t know what else to do, Blender always crashes.