B-Con 4

Hey guys. I just noticed that Blender’s at the B-Con 4 level.


They’ve got some Release Candidate builds in the Testing Builds forum, now.:smiley:


p.s. Does this mean that the new UI won’t make it into 2.4?

Postponed until 2.41.

I was looking forward to that. Oh well, all the sexy new features will keep me happy.

They finally commited the very cool and very useful 3dview lamp rendering stuff from Tuhopuu. :smiley:

I knew Blender was up for a UI change soon, but I didn’t know it was proposed for 2.40.

Too bad that was scratched. I would have really enjoyed that.

from this stage, does anyone know the eta of bcon5?

well guess what all did not make it into 2.4?
but i ask myself how long it will take them to incluce
the new features finaly into 2.41.

i dont know if 2.41 will be a major remake like 2.4 or
more a feature update. last one would sound good to
me cause there are many nearly finished but already
quiote usable features present to be included into blender.

I was looking forward to that new UI too, I wonder what the changes would be.
Would it be customizable menus we can place anywhere we want?
The dual screen setup comes to mind, but I’m probably just way out of my league here.

Like the explosion effect. Would it be integrated in 2.40?

i get the feeling that the release will be somewhat underwhelming for those who don’t use the animation or human jobs. the hair and ipo stuff is nice, but I don’t use either.

I need those poly tools and booleans, and I fear that they will be the ones left out.

hopefully, 2.41 will be a feature update on top of the stability stuff of 2.40.

Booleans are there already and if by poly tools you mean the edge slide and others, that’s in there already tool.

As far as gameblender is concerned, this release has some interesting stuff too.