B Con 5 takin longer than expected?

anyone else think weve been waiting a bit too long for the final release?

You rather have a bugged version? The blender coders know what they do.

And I don’t think this is the right forum…

Hey, 2Extreme,

-Have thou mastered the cool newfeatures in 2.39(2.40 alpha 1/2 pre-release)?

-Have thou mastered the features in 2.28/2.30/2.33/2.34/2.25a/2.36/2.37a ?
huh? huh? :mrgreen: lol

Just kidding :lol: , I can hardly use any of the new features without the wiki docs and Elysiun. I just hope I can absorb what Blender has already before 2.40 final is released :stuck_out_tongue:

I am really starting to like the new FireFox…No problems yet :slight_smile: