b file and new thems

1 - can someone tell me in which directory the B file is located ?
i assume here tht the B file contains the original theme from blender! with my preferences.

2 - If i want to create a new theme and save it will i loose the original theme from blender
and is it possible to save more than 1 themes under differentes name

and i assume that the only way to select a new theme is by going in the user preferences and select a new existing theme or to create one

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  1. C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 245.blender

look at the picture can you tell me which one it is


I have heard that on Vista the .B.blend doesn’t show up. Another place it could be installed is at C:\Documents and Settings\You\Application Data\Blender. If you never went over the default settings, a .B.blend is never created.
As for your second question, it is impossible to get rid of the default theme, and you can have many themes at once. If you are really worried, you can save the theme as a python scriptby File>Export>Save Theme.

can you give the exact name i’ll try a serach
or may firts i have to change the default for this directory to unable the serach and what we can wee in the directory
vista is a new system for me so i’m learning along and sometimes it is a pest to find things around


I found the .B.blend file in this location on Vista:
C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender



i got the blender EXE there but canot see that file
may be depends on setup for protection in Vista

For me its a new system i got it a month ago and i’m still learning it and it qill be a while before i know it


If you go to the path I posted above (replacing “Admin” with the proper user name) you will see the .B.blend file. You will NOT see the blender.exe there. If you go to that location and still do not see it, you may need to change your Windows settings to view hidden files.