b-Human Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph soon on blendermarket

hello i’m working on a model pack base on the body type on this article and Rafael grassetti body type concept

those model will include :
b-Human v01

The butt and legs need some more refining but the model looks pretty good overall. I think the hands are a bit stylized as well but it’s hard to tell. Looking forward to see what else you add to this, you gotta put things in it that will really want people to buy the model. Just keep that in mind. I think it may be a bit early to advertise this now but if you update frequently it should be okay.

the butt and legs are in process there are lots of detail to be added and yes this model will be more stylized like my drawing style
and thanks for the feedback RealityFox…:slight_smile:

Great stuff:) - looking forward for this:)

Looks nice.

Will you release these as 3 separate models? Because I think it would be cool if you could just have one model with shapekeys for the arms, legs, torso, etc to switch between ectomorph to endomorph separatively, this adds an extra layer of control for the user to generate a mesh exactly the way he/she wants it.

Just a suggestion though but I think it would be nice to have. Cheers!

Can you explain the benefits of this over a makehuman mesh?

Bookmarked to check progress. Keep up the good work.

yes i’m planing to add shape keys to the three model so user can control the shape for every model lets see what happens and it will be a model pack

  • this is up to you to compare the quality of the model over a make human one

Abs, triceps, elbow topology wip

ABS on body

working on a much clean topology

Is this latest news?

Will you be doing a female version or adding shapekeys to make it female?

i will do a female version separately

Hey @kakachiex2,

Seems to me this is more appropriate in the WIP forum, since you’re continuing to post updates and progress.

When the model pack is ready then you could post it in Latest News with actual details, pricing, etc. For now I’ve moved this to WIPs.

thanks Jonathan for moving i see other product announcement in the latest news so i put mine here sory

new Ectomorph topology flow for better shape keys “wip”

Shape keys test