B.I.O. game

Me and a bunch of my friends decided a while ago to make a game. Unfortunately, only two of us can use blender. I needed to make a man in a hazmat suit for this model, took 5 hours because vista kept crashing blender for unknown reasons. this is what i have so far.
Anyone know an easy way i could make boots?, Ive tried but i cant seem to do it right

Added a gun (m4) and camera (over shoulder picture). Would I need a script to get the camera to follow the soldier?. The thing on front of the gun is a flashlight, cant see it in the camera anyway. its supposed to be the only light in the game (will have some here and there, but mostly dark)


Boots should be easy. Just look for some tutorials for feet or shoes. Can post some pictures of your attempts if you need more specific help.

Might want to look into Slax if you’re still having trouble with Vista. It’s an OS that you can run from your CD drive and very easy to use.

I recommend turning off all the fancy vista features. Helps out a lot if you ask me - http://cnettv.cnet.com/2001-1_53-25854.html a video from CNET that explains how

Thanks for that, helped a lot. Haven’t had much time to work on the model though, blender stopped crashing.

Does anybody know where could i get a script that causes enemies to attack and play animations? (just starting to learn python, so i have no idea how)

Try using the Ipo actuator attached to a near sensor with a specific property/material applied? You can even set the Ipo actuator to loop when holding the forward button if you wanted to create a walk cycle.

I don’t know anything about Python and very little about the Blender UI. As such, I am sure there is a better way.

You do know how to animate/rig right? - If not check out this tutorial: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Tutorials/Animation/BSoD/Character_Animation

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If you’re still wondering, you don’t need scripting to make a camera follow a character. I’m not sure if it could be done better with script or not.

This is part of a tutorial from wikibooks.org. It says how to use the logic panel to make a camera follow another object.The tutorial refers to a cone used as a character to explain the game engine.


There are two easy ways to do the camera: logic camera and child camera. In this case you might be better off with the logic camera, but it really is a matter of personal preference.

  • Logic Camera: Add to the camera’s logic panel

  • Sensor: Always

  • Controller: And

  • Actuator: Camera, to object “Cone” (or whatever your protagonist is called–look under the object panel when you have the protagonist selected) height 5, min 5, max 10.

  • Child Camera: Select the camera, then select the protagonist (order is important) then CTRL+PKEY to parent the cone to the camera. Align the camera in a view that you like, and test the game.

  • First Person Camera: Well, this one doesn’t really count as another method, but if you’re willing to redo your motion to just move the camera instead of the character, (just do everything you did for the character for the camera) you can run around in the first person. Or you can just put the camera in the cone because one of the sides allways are invisible (look in texture mode) and parent it to the cone. REMEMBER: To access the ingame camera during gameplay, before you start, hit ctrl 0 or you can go to (view > camera)

He looks kinda like the city 17 combine in half life 2 . Oh and if the torch is the only light source in the game then will it last forever or will it have power which needs to recharge, and will all the guns have torches?

@ ffvii 92: Thanks for that, really appreciate it. i wasn’t sure if a script was required or not.
@ yoshi1476: it wont be the ONLY light source, but definitely one of them, im not quite sure if ill have it limited or not, ill keep it in mind though

How can i make the camera follow the mouse?
How can i make it so that, when an animation plays, it doesn’t move the character?

I think i may change it from 3rd person to 1st person, im going to discuss it with my friends working on the project with me, first person seems like it would be easier to make. (not much easier, but so i don’t have to do as much animating)

this image is a rendered version, it wont work in the 3d window for some reason, and i don’t know how to render images from the game engine.
On the sight theres actually a reticle, not done very well though.


If you want to parent the camera to the character go to object/links in the object settings and type the name of the object that you want to parent in the “Par:” section.

To get the camera to follow the mouse you can do two things, create a python script, or simply find an open source script.

What exactly do you mean ‘doesn’t move the character’? Could be a problem with mass, play around with that in the dynamic settings in logic.

Good luck,

i solved the problem how it was moving the character, i parented the gun so that it would move with the model, and the animation would make it move backwards in game, so i just clicked on “ghost”, i dont know how this will effect the rest of it, but im hoping nothing major will come out of it, and im pretty sure theres an FPS template on blender.org that has the camera follow the mouse without a script, so i guess ill find that and see how its done.

BTW is there a way to change the name of this thread?

You can change the name of the thread by clicking edit > go advanced.

Only problem with using the ghost option is that the object can’t interact with the environment through simulation.

I thought thats what it would do, well hopefully i can find a way around it.

We have decided to use the first person view, ill work on it more tonight, i found out a way to get the camera to move with the mouse, using an empty