B Key Box Select - Answered

Im having a heck of a time with B key, box select. Could someone refer me to the thread that addresses this problem? I did a search and could not locate it, but Im new to the forums so that does not suprise me.

The problem Im having is when drawing the B selection box Im only catching the top two vertices and not the whole face. Im using version 2.40

Should I work in ‘face’ mode instead?


Faces will give you the same problem if you have the “Limit Selection” button pressed (in the header bar) in Solid mode. You can also use Z to goto wire mode.


Thank you very much!

lol I just registered to ask the same question. As of 2 minutes ago, I have a new problem. Now not only does the box selection tool not select all the rows of vertices, but now it only grabs one vertices no matter how many I hover over. I know I must have done something, but I don’t know what it could have been.

I use wire mode mostly, though I switched to solid mode to check my “limited selections” button, but couldn’t find it.

And yes, I’m a noob, lol.

Its the litle Cube next to the Vert/Edge/Face Buttons :wink: