B key goes slow!!

I boucht a laptop :Dell Inspiron
!.86 ghz centrino, 1012 Mb ddr2,ati 64 Mb x300.
It works even faster then my AMD 2400+, only: When I use Bkey selection, the square or circle ( that normaly goes as fast as, you move your cursor) now moves very very slow. It folows the cursor but, when I turn a few circles, for example the squere or circle does the same only 10 times slower.
Cant work this way!!!

When I uninstall Blender 2.3.7a and Phyton 2.4.2 and remove the maps under Programfiles and remove all keyes the made in the register. Then reinstall it,it is OK. Untill I shutdown the computer one time.
I put it back on and I have the same problem.

Please someone, help!!! :expressionless:

Sounds like the usual ATI problem. Run a search on ATI and slowdown.

I have the same issue but I never had any problem with this.
I just place my cursor where I want the selection to end and the rest will follow eventually.
It’s better then the old menu blackouts I experienced with 2.36. Ahah!

I have an ATI radeon 9200 and it box selects supa fast.

However, on my pentium 600mhz machine it goes laggy-slow. Can still work good though, like vliegtuig said you just point to the right place and wait.

I have an ATI card, and I have installed the old 3.9 DLL as indicated to be the solution to the problem, and everything works perfectly except the damn B box going slow as hell. :stuck_out_tongue: Not a huge problem though.

ctrl-LMB won’t slow down. not a box select though, but can select precise enough.

I have had problems with an ATI card too, so I got GForce FX 5200 and never had a problem since.

Unfortunatley, you have a laptop and can’t change that.

Thank you all for thinking with me!

I have a solution now. Just slow down the hardware exaleration of the hardware.
and it works great :slight_smile: