B- Music Player Available on Gumroad

BMusic Player 1.0.1 for blender 2.83+ / 2.91+

Finally Feel the Music

Are you crazy about music? Music can change the mood and talk to you. Listening to music is a favorite hobby and entertainment for most people.

Here is an addon that does the job for you. 'BMusic Player’ is an addon that takes all the music to one place inside blender. Plays almost any formats like mp3, wav, FLAC, M4A, aac etc.

Key Features:

  • Custom icon set.
  • Popup music player.
  • Custom shortcut key.
  • Supports almost any formats like mp3, mp4, wav, M4A, aac, FLAC etc.

Order BMusic Player (only on Gumroad) - £6

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Price has been decreased from £8 to £6.

what an interesting idea. I ponder if its safer to jam outside of blender tho. Then crash or freeze wouldnt interrupt the song. But I ponder what if it has a 3d viewport skinnable interface like Winamp. I could see something minimal but expansive happening in the 3d view and even possibly visualizations like the old mp3 players used to do.

That aside the utility side could also be expanded. Like baking a song to frames or making motion graphics from an MP3 file using geo nodes w/ keyframing or drivers. I hope you stick with the idea. Just wanted to throw a few cents into the ring on this concept.

PS. If you could take itunes xml files and generate the data they provide like smart playlists or even general playlists or ratings this could be something quite crazy but i rant as a music lover.

We will add as many features as we can as you have suggested. Still it may take time.

they are merely suggestions. I already picked it up.

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Thanks a lot for the support as a beginner it really helps.

but why do we need an addon for playing music INSIDE of blender? (unless its purpose its for rendered animations or something like that with music added to them, or maybe not even that) you can just open youtube or any downloaded music with the default or custom installed music/video player software in your pc/laptop/phone…

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Of course, if you have some music in hand never want to waste time going outside blender. It will save time. Of course, It saved my time :wink:

what interesting features are there you can provide?

We have already mentioned the key features above and working on some new features. And ofcourse if you have some interesting feature to suggest let us know and will be happy to add that.