B-Renderon: Standalone render manager for Blender [Version 3.0 now available!]

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I had kind of decided to go for just 1 watchfolder for now, but still open to suggestions. I’m not sure I understand though. You mean if you are working on multiple projects in parallel and you want to render them in a network, to have a different watchfolder for each project?

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Something like that! Totally not necessary though. Just having the basic functionality is whats important, I think. How soon do you think we could try this feature? Or am I missing it in existing builds?

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I’ve been using it for a long time and it’s been very stable, but after I switched to 3.0, I found a lot of bugs that caused the project to crash when using b-render after turning on compression, which could be related to the new compression algorithm, and the fact that rendering 1 to 100 frames of a scene and then not starting the next queue after 100 frames. ::

With some luck I might start sharing test builds this weeks. Watchfolders are already working but there are other new functionalities that are still W.I.P.

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Hi! Effectively, the new compression in 3.0 brought some problems with scene management in B-renderon. The update I’m working on solves those. There also appears to be a problem with a couple of popular blender addons that, since some time ago seem to be misbehaving with command line renders, preventing blender to exit, and thus in those cases b-renderon doesn’t get the signal that a render has finished so it doesn’t continue with the queue. I’m adding a setting in the next update to prevent those errors for people with those addons, but in the mean time you can add the extra argument
to prevent that interference. I hope to release the next b-renderon update soon.


Big B-renderon update!

Version 3.0 brings watchfolders, tokenized output naming, cameras and viewlayers selection, and several other fixes and improvements.

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Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Wow bro, you are truly making B-R a masterpiece!

Guys, for the third dang time: I command you to buy B-Renderon if you do a fair amount of rendering! It already kicked so much ass before, and now it has all this! Astonishing!.. and all for only fourteen bucks!

Chanfiroly buddy, maybe you should change title to include 3.0… like “B-Renderon: Standalone render manager for Blender. Version 3.0 now available!” This would inform folks right in the title that this is a mature, feature-packed addon.


Thank you!! And good suggestion, I’ll add it to the title.