B-Renderon: Standalone render manager for Blender

I released B-renderon v1.49, with a few bug fixes and improvements (particularly to the blender live log). Updated firts post!

Cool. B-R has been flawless btw. I haven’t had a single crash or failed render yet, with dozens of animation renders. I’ll try to spread the word to the E-Cycles folk when I get a chance…


Thank you very much, I’m happy to read that!

Mind to tag the title of this thread as commercial?

Sure! But how? I checked other titles in the section and didn’t notice any tags in the titles of other comercial tools, is it a meta-tag that i’m supposed to enter somewhere?

Edit: I found it, thanks!

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How’s this pal?


Wow man, that is very kind! I’m clearly not very good at the marketing aspect so this kinds of things help a lot! Thank you very much!

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You’re quite welcome. It’s the least I can do. You made the best render queue manager that I personally have ever seen. I’ll continue to spread the word, but please buddy, try to research if there is any way to override the commands to use which GPUs. Let’s consider that the Holy Grail and ultimate challenge for you. Listen, you make it so that we can choose which GPUs to render with, and I’ll tell anyone who will listen to get B-Renderon, and not just cg artists – I’ll tell the folks around me at the supermarket checkout line, a dude delivering my pizza, an old lady walking her dog past my crib…

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and not just cg artists – I’ll tell the folks around me at the supermarket checkout line, a dude delivering my pizza, an old lady walking her dog past my crib…

Haha that made me laugh! Would like to see that!
Thanky you, yeah, I will deffinitely try and look for a way to make that possible and easy.

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Okay, so I ended up asking the E-Cycles dev Mathieu (aka bliblubli) if he could possibly add the ability to toggle which GPUs to use during renders, that would be saved with blend, so that just those GPUs would be used in B-Renderon (etc)… Here is his response:

“you can simply call a script when you run command line renders with B-Renderon. This script can activate the GPU you wants. As it’s pretty easy to do on the B-Renderon side (just add a user defined script to the command), I think it’s the best solution. Changing it on the Blender side is a much bigger task.”

So can you please look into this and contact him if needed? I’m assuming that even if this involved a script (maybe a temp - in the background - that is discarded after) you would still be able to possibly have it as part of the UI and allow us to toggle which GPUs we want to use… Right?

Edit: I thought about this a little more, and I want to elaborate: In a perfect scenario, B-Renderon users would have their GPUs listed somewhere in the UI, and we’d have the ability to toggle which GPUs to use, and this would apply to not only the remaining renders when they are started, but also the current render. In other words, say I had 7 blends in the que, and #2 blend was rendering, and now all of the sudden I need to fire up PS, AE, or even Blender itself and do a little work, I’d love to be able to release my display GPU from rendering, then put it back to work in B-Renderon when I am done. This would be the Holy Grail bro! Make this happen, cap’n, and you will indeed have THE best render queue manger ever!

And I really hope your sales have ticked up after my glowing review and me pimpin’ B-Renderon all over the E-Cycles thread… has this been the case? Please say yes.

And I still waiting for version for Win 7 to start using this addon

Hi! Yeah that was actually the first solution I was telling you about in my first answer (again, english is not my first language, sorry). I’ve really had very little time to experiment with it though, I only got to try a script for changing the device but it didn’t seem to succeed in overriding the one set in the blend. I promise I’ll dive into it as soon as I have time, but first I want to release the coming update which has the ability to save/load queue files, which was a previeous todo and I finally implemented it a couple of weeks ago and it’s almost ready now.
I agree what you say about having it in the UI would be the best solution. I’ll look into it, but only after I can make it work in a manual way.
Re. the sales, honestly no, sales have been stalled lately but I really appreciate it anyway, reviews like yours are truly rewarding and are what keep me trying to improve it.


Okay, that sounds like a plan. We’ll get there…

I’m really sorry sales have not been increasing. Very strange… I’ll continue to spread the word C. I personally think you should increase your price to about $16 or $17. Not above $20, for now, but I would double the price for sure. Anyone like myself who works commercially, is a target customer, and who would likely use B-R as much as me would know full well that it is worth every last penny, and thus is a no-brainer for their business. I mean, come on, for example I spent more on EZLattice than I did on B-R… As nice and helpful as that addon is, it surely has not made a profound impact on my day-to-day work like B-Renderon has…


Hey! Thank you very much for the encouragement. Yeah about the price I was thinking something similar.
The new update is almost ready (I’m testing everything) and should be up in a few days. After that I hope to have news about the gpu selection ability rather soon.


New Update! B-Renderon 1.5 is up! Updated the first post.


Thrilled that you are adding features, and I smiled when I saw you increased your price.

I haven’t exactly figured out yet how to choose different builds, in the couple minutes I’ve farted around with 1.5. I’m in the Extra Properties > Blender part, and I am trying to + and choose a different build… but not getting it to take. Maybe I am just too tired… I dunno. Either way pal, this isn’t terribly elegant. I’d much rather have two or three Blender Path buttons up top-left of app, where I can choose paths for up to three different builds and name them, and have it all saved in prefs, then be able to choose which build for each blend in a pull-down menu right inside the rows. That would be elegant. Fast and easy.

And down the road it would be really nice to have final render time for each after they complete.

And then further down the road, like v2 or whatever, you have my blessing to add a mobile app companion to B-R, to be able to monitor renders from anywhere. You add that bro, get it working flawlessly (where I could know which blend, which frame of how many total, have the thing ding every time a blend completes) on my iPhone, and I’ll personally give you another $20. Though I’m not sure I can put a price on just how valuable this would be to me. It would certainly be worth a lot to me. Much much more than twenty bones…

And please get back to R&D on the GPU-toggle shite. Pretty please bro, with sugar on top…

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Hmm, that’s weird. For this version I made it so that you can select different blender executables instead of paths, to aid a particular multi GPU rendering with eevee workflow some users use which involve different blender executables in a same folder. So be sure you are selecting the blender executables. Then it should work not so different from what you propose. Once you have added the blender builds you use, you can select a bunch of files in the queue, hit P or the Extra Properties Buttons, select the blender build you want (which you can name whatever you want) from the dropdown and that’s it.

That said, I am planning a couple of UI changes for next version, but first I want to tackle a couple of other things (including the GPUs one).
I’ve been looking into it, it’s supposed to be really easy, but for some reason lately I’ve been having trouble rendering with my GPU on my system so I have to sort that out first.

Regarding the mobile companion, sounds very cool but I think for the time beeing there are other features I’d rather to work on, after all there are other solutions for monitoring, (like teamviewer) that work quite well. Although your proposal would definetely be cooler, and I’m keeping it in mind for some later time.

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I’ll look at this again , first chance I get. I’ve got a couple hot potatoes I am juggling today…

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Hey! Good news! I implemented the Cycles device choosing feature!
It still needs some polishing and lots of testing before I release the update, but everything appears to be working well so far. If you want to try it out, I can send you a test build

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Yeah, send it on over bro! I still have two hot potatoes in mid-air, but I’ll get to testing the first chance I get…

Now get your ass back in the kitchen and cook up the ability to choose which GPUs, for blends in each row!!!

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