[email protected] is awesome

[email protected] is awesome. the guy has really worked hard for blender. just had to say it

Yup. [email protected] kicks @ss.

I agree. Not only has he done a lot, but he’s been doing it for many years now. My thanks to [email protected] and the many others who contribute to the blender community.

The guy just shows up with the right stuff at the right time. I do a search or look for some information and bingo! there’s the guys name. On top of that he seems cultured enough to convey his ideas clearly in an amiable fashion. Good man.

He used to run the blender.nl site.

Apart from running blender.nl, he used to do the community journals (I eally, really, REALLY miss those).


valarking have something positive to say ? Shocking :o

Anyone who has something negative to say can stick their head in a blender.

Community journals… now there’s a memory. I was in one of those once. Man, I don’t know how I got in in hindsight, with the other stuff that was there. Must have been a slow week. :wink:


It’d be cool to have something similar initialized showcasing all of the best work in two-week or month increments, a Blender e-zine or something.

When in doubt,…just google for [email protected]

oh no!!! [email protected] is taking over the planet :slight_smile:

oh no!!! [email protected] is taking over the planet :)[/quote]

What’s so bad about that?