[email protected], your webpage is depressing!!!!!!!!!!!

(IngieBee) #1

Hey [email protected], your website is depressing. It needs an update??? I don’t know how busy you are, so I quickly wrote an addendum, if you want to use it???

http://www.ingiebee.com/downloads/[email protected]’s%20Blender%20Corner.htm

Please do something, Ugh, LOL

Thanks, Ingie :smiley:

(Dittohead) #2

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

(xitnalta) #3

Hi Ingie.

Why do you have spaces in all your filenames? It not only makes your URLs look ugly, but also troubles some browsers.

Grinning about that hint 4 Bart :o)

(IngieBee) #4

Mostly because I’m lazy, it downloaded that way, LOL. I don’t know why the URL tag didn’t work, I gave up after 4th try… Just lazy all round, LOL


(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

Concentrating on other things too much I think! Can I hire you as a textwriter? :slight_smile:

[email protected]

(xitnalta) #6

AFAIK, when downloading, you can change the filename…