[email protected]'s blenderbase faq gone?

(MrE) #1

I learned a lot using [email protected]’s blenderbase faq, and still depend on it’s wisdom to learn getting to grips with Blender.
Although since yesterday the site seems to be dead.

If i am not mistaking, de faq could also be downloaded. So if the site is nomore, could anybody provide me a link to the downloadable faq?

Please i am lost and can not continue. Pitty me :wink:

(Tullisti) #2

I would like to know what happened to the blender base site. For teh past couple of days now it’s been down. If it’s a webhosting problem, I’d be happy to provide a tempory mirror on my webserver…

(dreamsgate) #3

I have it downloaded on disk, send me your email and I’ll send it to you.

or you can download it here (near the bottom of the page)

(MrE) #4

Thanks for your offer, but i see the site is up again. checked your site and found some files i’m going to get too.

(dreamsgate) #5

glad to be of assisstance.