b°wide NodePack - for Blender - 70+ NodeGroups

(bashi) #1

Hi folks, for you, from me:

Here is my hand picked selection of NodeGroups i’ve created over the past 2-3 years. There’s everything, from simple little Tools, Materials, UberShaders to Compositing. Some are made quickly, on some i spent countless hours.
With this first release i’ve put together some information about every NodeGroup. Not too much, but mainly what the NodeGroup is supposed to do. I think it’s important to get a quick start on them, cause really, some of them might seem confusing (even for me :wink: by just looking at it.

I hope you enjoy!


More Detail and Download

(elbrujodelatribu) #2

Thanks for gathering and sharing this stuff!

(paulhart2) #3

A lot of fine work, template for others, to expand the possibilities of Blender. Downloaded, and donated.

(dolemite) #4

awesome work!!!

(DavidGasku) #5

This is great, but maybe the workflow could be improved with an addon. The addon would append the node you select when you need it. So you don’t have to have all of them in your default.

(bashi) #6

the node you select from where?

I’m working on a script to import(+add fake user) NodeGroups from a .blend. (if i find out how, i could import a selection of NodeGroups from inside a .blend)

The nicer way would surely be to let them be completely created from python - but i don’t even start of thinking of this, seeing how much work this would be - until Blender has the function to save NodeGroups as Python code. Which if i think about should not be too difficult.

(Warcos) #7

amazing… muchas gracias

(Januz) #8

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

(zajooo) #9

Great stuff man, all Metal-Kn’s, color temperatures, IOR’s, SSS presets, all these at one place … I was building my own library for some time investigating all physical data representation, but this pack is far more precise and organized, than mine, I am going to learn and find inspiration out of this. Thanks for sharing, big appreciation. Jozef

(nirenyang) #10

Thanks! Very useful.

(bobizib) #11

Hi bashi, and thanks a lot for your works, really time saver !

Just a simple question about your node:
How did you manage to get “slider” in your node groups? I mean, here, when i create a new float input in a node group, the float created can be drag (according limits) like any value but without sliders.
Tell me if i’m not clear…

Thanks !

(bashi) #12

If you drag and drop a Connection to Group Input/Output the same type as this connection will be made. SO you need to find a Node with a Slider and a Socket, and drag and drop this. Unfortunately i just can’t find one myself… And even stranger, i have Nodes in my NodeGroups that have slider, while if you create a new Node of same type it hasn’t… There must have something changed or something is wrong :wink:

(BrentNewton) #13

I downloaded your startup.blend; really like it. Do you have to append every blender file you want to use those nodes on? Can you load them into blender somehow and keep them there all the time? This might be a stupid question. I am still pretty new to working with nodes.

(bobizib) #14

bashi> yep already did it… can’t find any node with a slider, except your group node.
Sad we can’t specify the interface type of input directly in the groups input (slider/checkbox/3-4 vector float etc)
Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

(bashi) #15

Lukas Toenne is aware of it, we should become it soon :wink:

(BrentNewton) #16

Did I ask a stupid question? Can you just append your default .blend and then ctrl u to save all these nodes? Do I not understand at all what these are?

(bashi) #17

The trick is to add fake user.

(draeath) #18

Bashi you are my hero! Thank you so much for this pack!

(bashi) #19

your’e very welcome :wink:

(Harvester) #20

Thank you very much Bashi for your generosity. Cheers!