B2.5: How to create gold texture?

I’m a total noob to Blender but have done some work previously in C4D. I need help with creating a gold material to be applied to my jewelry models. Much appreciated.

It has to be in Blender 2.5 as the previous versions are way above my understanding of 3d software :slight_smile:

several are available at


happy 2…5

Wow and wow! Thanks for this, what an amazing treasure. Are there any tutorials also somewhere for materials?

you can find some pages for mt and texture on wiki
and some video tut on vimeo and utube ect

happy 2.5

Hmm, I just realized I have no clue how to import this material into my project. What should I do?

under what 2.5 or 2.49 ?

in any case you need to append the object from the file which has this mat
which for mat repository is a plane usually

or you append only the mat then assign it to object you want


Ok, I went to File->Append, went into the MAterial folder of the .blend file I downloaded from the site, there was one file in there, I selected it, clicked Append button, and… I can’t see anything happened.

It’s for 2.5.

Oh no, sorry, I found it under the material list. How stupid of me, where else could it be. What about mats with textures?

if you append object it comes will all mat and textures


There is a nice tutorial here…