B256: How do I add a CurveMapPoint to CurveMap.points?

I searched the python api documentation but found now way to add a new CurveMapPoint to CurveMap.points.

Does anybody know how to do this?


.extend probably?

are you going to write a way to store curves presets for the image editor/compositor?

CurveMap.extend is a readonly property.
How should I use this?

are you going to write a way to store curves presets for the image editor/compositor?

No. I’m writing a script which should add some compositor nodes and edit theire properties.

my apologies, i didn’t take much care looking at it. interesting stuff tho…

You can’t (currently) add points to a CurveMap.

can someone explain what this curvemap is and where it is used
unless there is a wiki page on this subject ?

thanks happy 2.5

It represents for example the falloff curve of a Spot Lamp.
In the 2.5 python api documentation search for:

It’s is used by the following:

  • Brush.curve
  • CompositorNodeCurveRGB.mapping
  • CompositorNodeCurveVec.mapping
  • CompositorNodeHueCorrect.mapping
  • CompositorNodeTime.curve
  • ParticleBrush.curve
  • PointLamp.falloff_curve
  • ShaderNodeRGBCurve.mapping
  • ShaderNodeVectorCurve.mapping
  • SpaceImageEditor.curves
  • SpotLamp.falloff_curve
  • TextureNodeCurveRGB.mapping
  • TextureNodeCurveTime.curve

ok i think i see it now
it’s a curve use for special things in blender like falloff for lamp ect,
but right now we cannot edit most of theses curves yet!

Thanks happy 2.5

It has been over year, is there any progress with this???

Brecht added it a while back (not sure if before or after 2.63), curvemap.points.add() & curvemap.update() or something like that.

Thank you, it works fine in 2.63.11