B2MT addon. Exporter mesh from Blender to Marmoset

B2MT addon transfers your mesh from Blender to Marmoset Toolbag, that baking will be with less effort and bugs. This addon use FBX for export and Marmoset Toolbag naming convention.


  • Auto rename all you object in children HighPoly, LowPoly Collection
  • Export High poly
  • Export Low poly
  • Export both, High and Low
  • Auto naming FBX files base on your .blend file name.
  • Removing suffixes of .blend files

You can buy B2MT addon on Gumroad

this topic created for QA and support.

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Where do you buy the addon? Thanks

Add link in the topic.

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Supported you with the addon don’t abandon it, good work :slight_smile:


Thanks. Glad you like it. I have a few ideas on how it can be better. But implementation them is a hard part.

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One thing that could be nice is that the code could understand collections named as “high”, “low”, “lowpoly”, “highpoly”

currently it is very case sensitive it had to be exactly LowPoly and HighPoly which is not fast to type or convenient

Yeah, I got you. Will try to fix it.

@fiendish55 I add some flexibility with naming parent High and Low poly collection. Like you request.
If your collection names will match with names in the list - the addon will work.

For ‘high poly’

‘high’,‘High’,‘HIGH’,‘HP’,‘Hp’,‘hp’,‘hP’,‘H_P’,‘H_p’,‘h_p’,‘H P’,‘H p’,‘h p’,
‘high poly’,‘high Poly’,‘High Poly’,‘High poly’,‘HIGH POLY’,
‘highP’, ‘highp’,‘Highp’,‘HighP’,‘HIGHP’,‘high_p’,‘high_P’,‘High_P’

For ‘low poly’

low’, ‘Low’, ‘LOW’, ‘LP’, ‘Lp’,‘lp’,‘lP’,‘L_P’,‘L_p’,‘l_p’,‘L P’,‘L p’,‘L p’,
‘low poly’,‘low Poly’,‘Low Poly’,‘Low poly’,‘LOW POLY’,
‘lowP’, ‘lowp’,‘Lowp’,‘LowP’,‘LOWP’,‘low_p’,‘low_P’,‘low_P’,‘Low_p’

The update on gumroad

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Excellent I like the LP and HP good idea fast and easy.

edit: is the update live I got the version from gumroad, but its still 1.0 and getting error with the new naming

it’s version 02. Somehow it’s didn’t upload first time.

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Here is an update for version 02.

New function:

  1. Create High and Low hierarchy collections from the active object.
  2. Run marmoset

Button " Coll from Active " will help you to create High-Low hierarchy for your project.

The new collection will be created with one click, names for this collection come from the active object selection. For instance, if your active object called “Cube”, the function will add “Cube_high” and “Cube_low”. The active object will go to the “Cube_low” collection, and the rest of the selection goes to “Cube_high”.

Also, the function “Coll from Active”, will take care of creation “High Poly” and “Low poly” parent collections for you.

“Run Marmoset” as simple as is, you just start Marmoset. Your Toolbag must be located in the standard path - C:\Program Files\Marmoset\Toolbag 3\toolbag.exe
Each click will open new marmoset :sweat_smile:, I will try to stop that in the future.

Also with B2MT addon make it possible to bake exported files in Substance Painter. Marmoset and Substance share the same ‘_high’,’_low’ suffix naming convention.

At this moment I think to change the name of the addon.


Nice update! I got another idea that might be worth inspecting

its a button that opens the folder where files are going for quick drag and drop for marmoset or painter etc, it will save tons of clicks and time.

Also I have marmoset from steam so the button wont work, in addon preferences there could be a locate marmoset.exe tab which lets you set the marmoset.exe path manually in which case it would launch the program :thinking:

Good ideas, “open export folder” are needed. I plane to add auto-import in Marmoset scene, that way addon becomes bridge and not only exporter.
But in any way, it’s good to have quick access to the export folder.

“set path to marmoset.exe” in “to do” list. It will make addon more frendly. I will look for adding that function.

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Couple of ideas to think about, maybe instead of active selected when you box select the meshes (both high and low) the code check the both individual objects and makes the naming based on their vertex count, this way you don’t need to think about just select things and hit col from selected

The second idea would be giving a toggle button to hiding the meshes that are named and put in collections, this way user can keep on track which ones are left for naming/organization since done parts are getting hid by the progress.

Heh sorry for the wall of ideas, no pressures to make them happen, I just want to give ideas that makes our workflow fast, user friendly and efficient

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It is a very good ideas. Now I will not sleep well - thinking about how to implement them.

Maybe low-high separator, base on tris count, user need to have control over the amount of triangle.

Thanks, @fiendish55 I will try.

Add “Open export folder” button. Again thanks for idea.

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Update for B2MT addon.

  1. Now you can hide objects after sorting to high-low poly collections.

  2. You got error tips messages if you did something wrong.

Also, you can change the path for Marmoset & Substance executable file.
But that you must do before installing the addon. Here little B2MT documentation

Download addon https://gum.co/TWlVb

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nice, would it be possible to rename objects with coll from active? Ideally you select highpoly with bad naming select lowpoly (making it active one) give it a name from the addon and click coll from active then you would have collections created and naming for both correct without need for extra click “just rename”

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Yes, good point.
It’s not so obvious, but you can skip “just rename” button and go straight to export. The renaming function will work before export automatically.
The renaming button was made before “Coll from action” , with a purpose to see renamed objects in Blender.
Maybe it’s better to erase this function from the menu and not confuse people with too many buttons.


Done. Now “Coll from Active” renaming automatically.