b2przemo sketchbook

Hi blender community, my name is Przemyslaw.
This sketchbook contains some wip from my latest work in blender. I use blender from ver.2.67 and mostly on texturing and rendering process. This wip’s arent my personal project so I can’t post final artwork.


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Composite of several renders from Blender.

Very interesting work, keep them coming!

Composition nodes test

Models: 3d Lincoln scans - http://lincoln3dscans.co.uk

wip model done in Blender based on graffiti “Miliart” by my friend Bohen

Examples of packshots rendered with cycles.

dude. your work is awesome! I really dig it. Keep on Blending bra!

Good work keep it up :slight_smile:

Do you mind to share the material node setup of marble on sculpt? post #10

marble - post composition & material shader nodes


Big thx for sharing the marble material b2przemo, very helpfull.

Thanks for the marble node set up and compositing :slight_smile:

branched sampling settings and skin shader nodes


color correction in compositor

personal project for small printing size, about twelve days of work