B2RizomUV Import Export Bridge

Never it just started working some how. But I am getting an error when using margins.

Today I bought your addon @Eindindign Erik Sutton.
I had some problems with running the addon but it worked!
I tested the Manual options on cubes and everything worked fine. :wink:

Unfortunately, none of the Auto options works even on cubes. :disappointed_relieved:
I am asking for the correct action of Addon as soon as possible, since it is necessary for me to work efficiently.


The exported model does not have a smooth group, please fix this error.


Blender 2.8 support?


Not with the current version. I’m currently working on a release that will support Blender 2.8

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Great news! Thanks for your work!

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Any update on 2.8 version?

Still working on it :slight_smile: Hopefully next week. Quite a few changes to the blender API and I’ve completely refactored the code. Much more stable and a few new features! :smiley:

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Hi there, just bought the bridge but I’m getting an error

Fixed! Obviously only path is needed, not the full path with the .exe.

No update yet?

Waiting on 2.80 port as well. :wink:

Apologies for keeping everyone waiting. I’ve been incredibly busy personally, but I finally have some proper time to finish the update to support 2.8. My plan to get the current version working with 2.8 and complete the refactored version with new features later so everyone can at least continue working in 2.8.


I just bought this one thinking that 2.8 was supported. But get really disapointed, cause doesnt work with 2.8. And i started learning Blender with 2.8 :frowning: