B2U 1.31 Released and now using Unity Nested Prefabs!

B2U Today and Future
Hi! By this time you should know that blender and unity are getting major updates in the next quarter. Unity is planed to release a next version with long requested new prefab system and Blender 2.8 is around the corner.
Here’s what we are working on today for the next version (1.3) and what we plan to implement for B2U 1.4

B2U 1.3 Current WIP Log - To be released in October 2018

  • Will be compatible with Blender 2.79b and Unity 2018.2
  • The Material system are being rework to add a new easier Workflow based on the Principled Shader
  • Many Bug fixes.

B2U 1.4 - Released after Blender 2.8 in 2019

  • Will be compatible with Blender 2.8x and Unity 2018.3
  • Will support Unity’s prefab system
  • Groups to Prefabs will be replaced with Collections to Prefabs
  • New Export Collection mode
  • Eevee Materials based on Principled Shader will be compatible with the Material Export
  • Initial Animation Export support (Non Characters)
  • Setup LOD models inside Blender

If you guys have any suggestion to include in those versions please contact us.

Hi! Some updates in the development.
Since Unity 2018.3 is really near to be released we choose to postpone the 1.3 version until it release and included already many features only planed to 1.4 such nested prefabs and new group system. This is now how we plan to release next the future versions.

B2U 1.3 - To be released days after Unity 2018.3

  • Support to Unity 2018.3 (older versions will not work)
  • Support to new Unity’s Prefab System. Groups are using nested prefabs!
  • Rework in the Material System. Now much more streamlined workflow and added support to principled shaders. No custom node groups required anymore.
  • Colors are now exported as Gamma Corrected producing closer results.
  • Many Fixes and Bug Corrections.

B2U 1.4 To be released to Blender 2.8

  • Full Support to EEVEE materials
  • Collections support instead Groups. Include Nested Collections as Nested Prefabs
  • Setup LOD models inside Blender
  • Initial Animation Export support (Non Characters)

As promised B2U 1.3 is here with many improvements!

  • Support to Unity 2018.3 (older versions was deprecated due many changes in Unity)
  • New documentation website: http://cogumelosoftworks.com/b2udocs
  • Implements the new Unity’s Prefab system. Now Scenes and Groups implement nested prefabs!
  • Auto Reimport Scene and Groups instanciated
  • B2U Material Export was redone from the ground up to a much better and easy to use system!
  • Colors are now exported as Hex sRGB (Gamma Corrected)
  • Fixed many bugs and general cleanup the code

We are now focusing in Blender 2.8 version and some video tutorials. If you have any doubts about the new export material system please check the new documentation website


We found a showstopper bug in group data export. The v1.31 is a hotfix for that and is already released in Blendermarket. for those that purchase in Unity Store it’s under review and will be available soon.
Thanks Güray for report.

i meet a wrong,

when i export to unity,in the scenes prefab, every object’s position digital was too big

psition.x in blender is 1.69338,but in unity it is 169338

and scale is 10 10 10

and material’s digital from blender is 0.12 to unity is 1.2

Hi. Do you have any information about B2U 1.4 release.

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News on B2U 1.4 for blender 2.8
We’re working on it with prevision to be released this month. Keep in touch for more news about it



probably you have an tip for an real powerful workflow.

I have an Cube in Blender (see Pos 0,0,0)
This Cube has Linked Duplicates (see Pos -2,0,2 and Pos -4.0-4)

In Blender i need an

Cube_original Prefab (user generated one)
Cubes as Prefab Instances ( one same Position Pos -2,0,2 and Pos -4.0-4) like on screenshot right side.

Do you know a way to do this.
In real live the cube is an Grass Mesh with 100 000 linked duplicates or
an Tree Mesh with 2000 linked duplicates.
If i have the result liked described i could gpu instance them in one click.
I have attached the Cube_Linked_Duplicates.blend.

Cube_Linked_Duplicates.blend (86.5 KB)

Hi. The 1.8 version is been much harder than expected to port due some bugs/diferences in FBX export. We will need more time for it. Sorry the Delay.

Hi sasa.
Will take a look at it :wink:

Is it working with 2019 Unity versions and 2.81?.
I would really need a Blender-Unity bridge right now. Tired of working with separated FBX all together