B2U 2.0 for Blender 2.8x Released with Price Drop!

Maybe there is a way to start decalmachines own export process for each object or something.

Sure that could be possible but will require some python coding skills, i don’t have a copy of decal machine here though to say how hard it can be to implement that.

Are there any plans for an Unreal Exporter in the similar vein as this plugin?

Hi HeadClot.
It’ s possibility to the future since most of the hardwork is done at the export side. But first we want to implement more features such export animated objects.


Wow, I’m sooo excited for this plug in! I will be purchasing soon, I hope it works as smooth as it sounds.

I’ve been wanting something like this for years. I am even considering switching to Blender (even with its sad selection quirks) because of this add-on, the stability of the program (Maya will not stop crashing on me), and the customization in general. Excited this is for Unity not Unreal <3 Thanks!

Hi Darcvizer.
Are you using “” or some like those characters in some texture name?
Are you using the automatic folder struct?
What is your OS?


use os.path = r’blablabla’

Can you send the file to us to test? If it’s a exception situation we would like to add a fix for this.

No, my employer does not approve the exchange of working files.

If you purchased by blendermarket contact us there inbox, otherwise contact us by e-mail

[email protected]

We will be happy to help you to find a solution for it

transparent material bad work

Hi Darcvizer
We set it here as a TODO feature.
Thanks for report.

Does this plugin convert the principled shader in Cycles directly to Unity?

Hi! You can use the B2U interface nodes to map any blender’s node material to an unity material. With the samples there’s a pre-made group node that convert principled in Unity Standard PBR shader.

Hi, great add-on. Still trying to develop a proper workflow with it. Are there any plans to support exporting Group Instances?

In blender I have a scene where I compose my modular parts, adding each collection to a group, e.g.: wall_type-a, wall_type-c, doorway, etc. In another scene I compose my level by instancing these groups but currently B2U does not export instanced groups.

Edit: I also noticed that B2u only exports textures to The Export Path when the textures are packed. If they are externally referenced they do not get copied nor referenced in the Material in Unity.

I think that you all know about Blender 2.8 project. We’re watching close all updates in blender 2.8 to ensure we could port B2U to it ASAP.
That include support to EEVEE as Material Preview instead of Cycles and support to the Future Animation Export System.

While Blender 2.8 is not released we’re working in minor improvements for the next release planed to next week:

  • Better support to Unity 2018.1
  • Rework the Color Interface to Support RGBA
  • Fix typo in “Default Layer”
  • Rework the PBR Node to use the Standard (Roughness Setup)
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took a bit more time than expected but we just released B2U v1.2

Here’s the final list of features and fixes:

- Better support to Unity 2018.1
- Force External Materials (Legacy Mode) on Import Models
- Rework the Color Interface to Support RGBA
- Fix typo in “Default Layer”
- Fix Bugs copying “Non Packed” Textures of Blender
- Fix Bugs exporting “Unlit Texture” Materials
- Rework the PBR Node to use the Standard (Roughness Setup)
- UV Repeat Bug seems fixed in Blender 2.79b and Unity 2018.1

If you get any problem using last version please contact us in Blendermarket inbox message system. We will be glad to help you.

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There is a problem in 1.2
When I export my objects to Unity 2018.1 they are 100x bigger. My metric inside Blender is meters (1.00) and I’m applying the scale while exporting.
It would be really cool if there was a scale ajustment in the scene section.
For now I’m changing to 0,01 inside Unty, but it is not a good workflow. Maybe it is happening just to me, but is there any sugestions to solve this problem?

I also suggest to put a link to this thread in Blender market and youtube videos.
Thanks for your support!

Please contact us in blender market inbox message system. We will be glad to help you. :wink: