B3.2 animating greace pencil; where is the frame start parameter?

Hi all !

in a small animation with keyframed scene objects, i want to show some greace pencil strokes.

I put current frame at 300, and create a greace pencil.

Playing anim shows the stroke at frame 300. All works fine but now i want to show this stroke a bit earlier, at frame 250 and i’m unable to find what parameter i should change.

Thanks for your help and answers and happy blending ! :slight_smile:

Within your Output properties, you will find a setting with in “Frame Range”
Screenshot attached

you should see 250 in the end field, change that to whatever you want that to be

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Hi @Tom_Pleysier :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer !
This don’t seem to change my greace pencil stroke appear frame.
And if i’m not mistaken ( though i’m far from an animation expert ) i think this param is the number of frames of the whole animation to be rendered when you hit CTRL+F12 :confused:

Happy blending !