B3.2: running a script at start

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have a .blend with a python script ( in text editor ) that i would like to execute when i open the .blend.

There’s the ‘make an addon’ way but if i want to modify the script, i have to uninstall the addon, modify it and reinstall the addon. it is quite not convenient…

Is there a way to run a script at .blend opening ?

thanks and happy blending !

Turn on Register script, and save this file as your new startup file. Works 90% of the time. For the last 10%, add this line:
2022-12-19 07_54_29-Blender


ahahahah ! you cannot imagine the time i spent searching for this ! :rofl:

This works perfectly ! Thanks a lot @josephhansen !

And happy blending ! :smiley:

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