B3.2: tip on enable/disable multiple object in animation

Hi guys !

while rendering my anim i’m playing around with the eternal blender pain:
object hierarchy that is not a complete hierarchy.

Lemme explain:
make say… 100 objects. select them all and parent them to another object called A. All move when A is moved but when you disable in view or render A, you still see children objects…
This is kinda illogical and moreover, in animations it is nothing but hell :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

an example:

what i want is that when i disable view/render of the empty, all children are also disabled in view/render.

drivers saved my life !!!

select an object, and add a driver to eg viewport visibility.
The empty is named ‘trencavel’. here’s the driver data you must have:

now, when you hide-in-viewport the empty, the soldier is also hidden-in-viewport !

but… what’s when you got 100 objects to drive ?

simple :smiley:

select all objects and select the ‘driven’ soldier, then hit CTRL+L and select link animation data…

and voilà !

now the empty visibility drives all the object and in animation you just have to keyframe the empty visibility for driving all the 100 objects in a row :smiley:

happy blending !

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Replying to myself…


I guess this is some kind of bug or feature in blender, but when you do what i explained in previous post, drivers dependencies seem not to be updated !

For auto-update, the empty called ‘trencavel’ needs at least 1 keyframe for the ‘hide_viewport’ variable in the dopesheet !

when the driver object has a keyframe, all driven objects are updated :wink:

and voilà !

happy blending !