B3d exporter help

Hello i keep running into a problem with downloading Blitz3D Exporter at http://www.gandaldf.com/ for Blender, everytime i visit the site it says: “FORBIDDEN this page is in danish translate it using google tool bar”.

But when i translate it the only thing that happens is it says " toolbar has automatically translated this page to english" and the page still says Forbidden with nothing else on the page.

So what do i have to do inorder to get my blender files exported into .b3d ???


Welcome to blenderartists.

It would appear that site has been hacked as it comes up with a malware warning using Google Chrome Browser, so I’d advise staying away from it.

I have the latest release of this exporter on my hard drive. Reading the licence file it is free to distribute so I can either put it up for download or email it to you directly. It’s great for getting animated character game models into .b3d format for use in Blitz3D or Ultimate Unwrap for converting to other formats.

Posting this in the News and Discussion forum is not really the best place for it, Python & Plugins would have been better. Read the site FAQ and browse a bit to get the best out of the help available here.



Firefox also gives me a malware warning when I try to access it.

I need this plugin :S
The newest one would be very helpful…Does anyone have it? I have 2.07 but I don’t think it handles multiple textures…

Version 2.07 is the latest and fully supports the maximum texture layers available to the .b3d format (2 UV sets and 8 layers).