.b3d import plugin doesn't appear

I am currently using version 2.70 of Blender, and I recently added a plugin to import and export .b3d files, but the plugin isn’t showing up in Blender even though I moved it into the addons folder. Why doesn’t it appear? Maybe the plugin itself needs to be edited a bit.

does it have a proper structure? if it’s multiple files, it needs to be organized as module (in a folder), with an init.py file.

It also needs to have a bl_info dict.

What is your Blender version and what is the required version given in bl_info[‘blender’] ?

I already said version 2.70. The plugin was for version 2. 40.

2.4x and everything from 2.5x on is not compatible, you can’t use such ancient scripts in recent Blender builds. The API changed entirely, and even 2.5x scripts are unlikely working out of the box in 2.7x