B4 and After Smooth Problem, pls help


I am having weird shadows along the polygon edges after doing set smooth on my mesh. please see



I have remove all doubles, and calculate normal outside dont help as the weird shadows just move to some other places.

I am very sure that those problematic areas do not have extra faces as well… as I have not edited the mesh there (except for the loop cut)…

Please help, at a loss here…


You have a non-manifold geometry. What that means is that somewhere in your mesh you have an edge sharing three (or more) faces.

I don’t know if the “Clean Mesh” script can help you here, but it’s a good start. Then you’ll have to hunt for the offending edge…

Good luck!

You are so right!.. i managed to locate the issue and its now fixed… thanks so much to you.

Now then I know its not OK to have 3 faces for an edge…