B5 Wip

(maxstorm) #1

well just started playing with blender and my skillls with it so far are pretty minimal so i decided to practice some :slight_smile: grabbed a DXF of the babylon 5
station and have been practicing texturing, as of yet thes no lighting or anything set just the bare
texturing. (n.): The process through which the Internet has evolved from smart people in
front of dumb terminals to dumb people in front of smart terminals.

(slikdigit) #2

Looks nice so far. Its been a while since I’ve seen the show, but thats how I remember it looking,colorwise. You say no lighting- how come we see it?

Is that fluxbox/blackbox/waimea I see? 8)

(maxstorm) #3

well there are a couple of spots there so u can see it but no positioned lighting as such … yet.

and yes that is fluxbox, why waste un-nessesary cpu cycles

(Unreality) #4

That might become great pic, but is that b5 little bit too long? I think it`s little bit shorter or something… But good job anyway :smiley:

(maxstorm) #5

nope thats its size :slight_smile: could just be the angle its on. The station itself is spec’d at 5Km long will post another pic at different angle after ive had me coffee :slight_smile:


(halibut) #6

lookin good,
To add a quick surrounding it might be a good idea to enable “Stars” under the world settings :),

  • halibut

(maxstorm) #7

ok heres the promised image (with stars as halibut suggested :slight_smile: )

(maxstorm) #8

well shes pretty much finnished except for the red and yellow at the tail end which im bit sceptical about ill probably tone these down at somepoint soon.
crits and comments welcome :slight_smile:

(halibut) #9

nice image,
The one tiny little thing i might suggest is that, to me (and keep in mind that i dont really watch this space programme), the lighting looks the tinyest bit too bright in the most recent image,

Ohhh, and how about a nice planet in the background :smiley:

  • halibut

(S68) #10

Very nice :slight_smile:

If you use Blender built in stars, det MinDis higher, set size smaller.

THey look more snow-flakes than stars :wink:

Model is superb


(Unreality) #11

Yeah. now it doesnt look too long. maybe you should add that planet witch is in backround of b5 in the tv. And i think theres little bit too much stars.

(Ecks) #12

no, not too much…but too big…folloe ehst S68 said and it will be perfect! :smiley:

(maxstorm) #13

well heres an update, have been playing with an animation with the station and a starfury i picked up from www.b5-blender.com . as of yet i havent done epsilon III (the planet) but thought people might like an update all the same :slight_smile:


(S68) #14


really nice…

can’t wait to see more…


(goneflyin) #15

how did you do the glow for your engines? I’ve been playing around with different ways to do this and I like yours better than anything I’ve done so far.


(maxstorm) #16

i agree goneflyin the engines do look great and wish i could take credit for it but as i stated in the last post the star fury model i downloaded from www.b5-blender.com, they have blend files up for download there, u might wanna grab one and check out there settings for them.


(goneflyin) #17

hey thanks, what a cool website. Funny thing, I didn’t become a fan of B5 until the last season of the show. LOL now I watch all the reruns on scifi channel.

Thanks for the link.


(maxstorm) #18

IMO seasons 2-3 (the shadow war) are the best of the series :slight_smile:

(shibbydude) #19

You know that you can save your renderings, instead of taking screenshots, right? That would give better results. After a rendering just go to the render buttons, make sure the format is set on jpeg, not targa and then go to save image in the menubar. You just have to type in the filename you want followed by .jpeg. EX: babylon5.jpeg I think you might already know this but it never hurts…

(maxstorm) #20

minor update, finally got aroung to making a planet texture and adding in Epsilon III