BA 2013 User PoLL

I am curious,I don’t really know how long this poll should stay open,I put 30days for now

and its meant to say “aspiring” ,can’t edit poll?

If i get money for works made by blender those it means that im proffesional or no?

When I say professionally I mean you’re making a living doing it, freelancing,your main source of income.(tax paying)

Not the odd small paypal job. (that would still count as hobby to me,but perhaps you want to take it further,in which case you should pick the second option)

It doesn’t have to be blender exclusively,but if you use blender somewhere in your pipeline.

oops double post.

I use Blender 8 hours per day in the last ~10 years.

very interesting results so far :slight_smile:

I use blender professionally in a small CG studio ( <10 employee) and already used it in bigger company (as part of the pipline).

very nice,Is it a studio you started yourself or are you just employed there?

more pro’s here than I thought.Sorry,just bumping this thread,would be nice to get over 100+ votes.

would also be nice to find out which users are professionals too.

hi… since more than one year I worked in 2 different cg studios as a full time employee and I use blender as my main 3d app. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Blender professionally since 1999. I’m using Blender now for 3D traffic simulation.

@sdados great to hear,checked your website,nice stuff.

@Madmesh I never really think outside of film/tv/games when it comes CG,its great to hear it used for other things,1999? wow. :slight_smile:

We mostly use Maya at work (we do industrial training), but I’ve been using Blender to composite shots and model things occasionally, so I guess that qualifies. (you might want to add an option for “I’m a CG professional who uses Blender at home but generally not at work due to decisions out of my hands”)

Just a hobby :slight_smile:

@ J_the_ninja haha I don’t think I’ll be adding another option right now,but I see what you mean.Maybe you can try an introduce it in.If it speeds up your workflow,why would any small company be against using it in the pipeline? I’m sure its a lot more complicated than that though.

really like some of your work by the way,last light and haunted ocean look nice.

@tame cool,I like your stuff on youtube.Loved sedecbus.

Just bumping this with the hopes of finding out how many of you professionals use it in a studio,or are self employed?