BA Campus

Hey I got to wondering since all members of are spread accross the world we should model our own campus. We can decorate our own cubicle and we could design what it might look like. Tell me if you think this is a good idea.

Oh sorry wrong section!

I’ve been thinking and since the members of blender is spread all over the world how about we make our own campus. We will each make our own cubicle and knick knacks the like. I just ask one thing please do not make something inappropriate.

eh yeh its bad idea

Good Idea!

I mean . . … never mind

No, 'tis a very good idea, mae govannen mellonamin Vincimus!!! You mean like design our stuff in blender and then have a showreel or something…

Would be cool!

It would also mean that I could finally have a pet Dalek to do my bidding in the office!

Also, would be cool to have it in the Game Engine, so it can be embedded into a web site. Oh, the endless possibilities…



Not so! I would have Tolkien stuff all over my cubicle! Orcs would be at my ready command…yah, get weirder than that and I’ll clap for you…

Rubik’s Cubes that transform into plants that eat Cybermen and are helped by the Daleks constantly war against each other in the fight to stay on the ever turning flaming water pellet! All on my desk!

I begs my cubicle next to the UVM & a GTI game too

Nah, the UVM will actually be the entire office, and each desk has a UVM slot in it.

You see, the building will have a giant space-time manipulation system built into the walls.

Can you post something on the UVM & GTI please ? I like playing it. It’s better than Bio-Shock and all other games at moment for me.

Noooooooooooooooooooo!!! You’ve out-weirded me…wait, that’s a good thing…

Normality is a disease!!! I AM CURED!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

You’re normal, and therefore you’re inferior :p.

Yes, yes, we know… Settle down. No need to yell…

I could be wrong, but hasn’t someone beat you to that concept already?:eyebrowlift2:

That’s a school. We’re talking a 3D office.

Lolz ^^ Yeah like this
Give it the same type of lighting kind of boring and perpetual but give it your own knick knacks and stuff. Oh honestly I do think i’m the weirdest I’d have a look at the dummy bobble arrow pointing towards me. I’d have a Jim Kerry voodoo doll and have a bottle with a three way sucking top. My organizer would be on under my desk and my printer would under the butt of my chair. I would nibble on candy finger nails and I would put my sticky notes on my forehead so I won’t forget them and my extension ringtone would be the theme to ice castles.

beat that…oh and did i forget the smiley coffee cup?