BA Contest/Game Content #4 [entry]

WIP to my entry into the Contest.

Still just tossing ideas around in my head, but I wanted to start my thread already so maybe some more people notice that a new round started already and want to join in. :slight_smile:

Attack of the Behemoths

The topic requires that the participants create an exotic and fantastic giant while following the constraints of PSP specs.

Polys: 2000 tris max (extra objects must not go over 500 tris)
Textures: 256x256

Allowed maps:
Glow (lightmap)


You have until Noon (GMT-4) Friday 09-26-2008 to get your entries submitted.

Bleh… not really any good idea… :X
But the deadline is coming closer so I just go with this concept doodle…


blocking of sorts :wink:
1h and something put into it


Look really GOOD! I should probably get started on my entry…

Thanks. :slight_smile:
Yea, Maybe. :wink: It’s not too long now, hehe.

update :slight_smile: with a size reference object (model of a person I had laying around ;))


Personally for an animal that size the joints should probably be more stocky and well-built to handle it’s enormous weight. At the moment the knees look like they belong to a far smaller creature. I like the design, it seems majestic and wise (in your concept render anyway) because of the stance. Looking forward to seeing a lot of detail go into this guy owing to the size.:slight_smile:

Well I’m no animal anatomy expert but it did look o.k. for me so I just went with it, especially the keeping the time constraint in mind :wink:

update… oh my now the texture wont be easy to get done in time… (read: impossible) -_-’

1834 tris


paint paint paint soon moving to GIMP to wrap it up…


Wow, this thing is cool looking. Great job with the texture painting.

Oh right, forgot to update here. :wink:

That’s how I turned it in now.
final tris count is 1832
and of course the 256px² color map as required


It looks really cool, i like the texture you applied. However i still think the scale is way off. I guess it’s a bit late now.