ba favicon missing

It’s not high on the list, but I can’t get the small ba logo (favicon) to display in my browser tabs. I closed the browser and reopened and nothing. It’s possible it’s just me.

If you’re using Firefox, I believe I read once that they nixed support for favicons altogether (due to the idea that they can be a security concern in some cases).

Hmmm, I am using firefox 24.0 (up to date) (on Win 7), but the favicons for a number of other sites appear just fine. I’m not losing any sleep over it. @acedragon, can you see the favicon on your browser?

I actually don’t recall seeing any favicons on any sites in recent years with Firefox, perhaps you have a setting or addon that brought them back?

Not sure on that, I may have installed a web dev add on, to troubleshoot javascript errors, but that’s it. I think. Who knows maybe I’m nuts and there never was one in the first place.

favicons have worked for a long time in Firefox. Ours just seems to have been lost in the shuffle when dealing with the hack last week. It will come back, I’m sure.

Good enough.

Just re-uploaded it to the site. Hopefully should start showing up here soon as cache clears out! :slight_smile: