BA Forums email notifications delayed

After the site hack I noticed email notifications were delayed for hours. It looks like this issue has progressed. The past couple days I’m seeing all emails sent for BA thread replies have been sent at least four days after the reply was posted. I’m also seeing complaints in the forums about not receiving reply notifications.

No issues on my end. I compared sent time in the email headers vs. time posted in the threads.

Offtopic: The BA favicon is still missing.

Thanks for your time.


Edit: Double-checked my settings here… notifications are set to instant email me.

Some people are still getting notifications… so there’s some clogging in the intertubes going on somewhere. I’m pretty sure Wes is already looking into it… though if he hasn’t yet, he will soon. :slight_smile:

I’m getting notifications but delayed 5 days. None today but last Sunday was probably a slow day. :wink:

Thanks for the reply Fweeb.


Edit: Update 29Sep pm … No notifications received since my first post.

The exact same thing has happened to me, hopefully someone can sort this out.

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Hey there,

Apologize for the late reply here. Let me see if I can update/address the topics here.

  1. BA favicon was just re-uploaded, so should pop into your friendly browser as cache clears out.
  2. Delayed e-mails appear to be due to Vbulletin set to using batch e-mailing. I cannot confirm this, but I don’t recall this setting being in place.

With so many recent re-installs, it is possible it was reset. I’ve just turned this off and have set it to instant notification/e-mail. My theory is that the batch could never keep up with the load of the site, ever increasing the delay to which e-mails were received. Give it a short bit and let me know if notifications start coming in, or if they are still getting clogged up.

Appreciate the time!

Well that one was sent immediately. I see the favicon too.

No apologies necessary IMO. It didn’t bother me for I check in often. I did see a few threads go a bit silent though I think, and comments from members who didn’t know support replies had been posted for them.

Thanks once again.


Seems to be fine for me also, I got a notification for this thread. I’ll keep an eye on things during the next days.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I never got a notification for this thread, but I am getting them from other threads now, so I guess it’s good now?

I am not getting any notifications at all. Not a big deal of course but it would be nice to get them again.

Hi there - one quick thing is to make sure subscriptions are turned on when replying to threads. This can be found on Hope this helps!

Hi Wes,

I’m pretty sure I’ve notifications on, in fact I was wondering if the number of subscriptions could be the problem? (74)

Hey there - If you seeing the subscriptions you should be getting them. I just checked our e-mail service and they are being sent to your address on file, though are bouncing. By chance is the e-mail addy incorrect here on the forums? If you would like send an e-mail to [email protected] and we can talk more in-depth. Thanks again for hanging with us!

changed & verified my email address, let’s see if that works out :slight_smile: