BA Ifunny!

Who remember’s Telletubby’s? Sadly, me. So here is my tribute! TO DEATH!


I’m not entirely sure whether I should be impressed or simply confused.

  1. Telletubbies are scary.
  2. I use gimp.
  3. They made a Teletubbies game.
  4. Teletubbies want people to die. (most likely)
  5. I hate teletubbies.
  6. I made a parody of the game poster, and it is funny.
  7. If you’ve watched Teletubbies.

My kid clicks on stuff like this. No good reason for it to exist.
This generation, never moved out of moms house and never stopped watching cartoons.
I havent seen this one.
What is up with like Family guy and that one with the really bad animation ( I know bad animation includes most)? Are they trying to teach children about adult things? can not tell a joke that is not about sex? Or bad language? Grow up.

Aww. I’ll delete this thread. I thought it was funny to make it, and my friends and family thought so too. Dang. Sorry you guys don’t like it. Just trying to be funny, ya know? People just don’t like, I guess I’m just a nerd.

Hey, the guy is just trying to have a bit of fun. The Teletubbies were ****ing EVILLLLLL!

LOL, I remember being part of a small 3D group and I was comically trying to convince the others that Ducks were in fact behind organised crime and ancient secret societies. Anyway, one of them photo-shopped an image of ducks calling out my name and saying shit like “Come back, we luuuuvvvveeee you!”. I so wish I still had that image lying around because I would definitely would share it right now…sigh. :slight_smile:

It was just sooo creepy and on the edge

Oh and hey the guy who said this generation never moved out of moms house: I tell you this: It is not possible for a 13yr old to move out.
Just saying