BA is back!!!

Blenderartist… do not do that on us!
thanks for the hard work you all did for this forum!
and now back to where we was!!!

Reminds me… websites need money to keep going…
What happened to the PayPal donation button… somehow i can´t find it. Or am i still too pre-caffeine?

I removed the donation button because it wasn’t being used much. It will be replaced in the near future with a membership system.

Sorry for the downtime, the server’s disk was full, and I was asleep :slight_smile:

cheers thanks for getting it back up:yes:. btw has anyone else noticed baf loading somewhat slowly…? or is that just me?:confused:

So the server was full because of the all forum games. Good to know.

@Goofster: Maybe it being down wasn’t really such a bad thing after all- making all of us to actually do something productive for once.:wink:

@bigbad: Give it a rest, bud. Have a nice day:D

Yes, they should all be deleted immediately, to stop it from happening again. :eyebrowlift:

Thanks for getting this up and working again Goofster, you must sleep for a long time however, as i couldn’t access BA for over 24 hours. :wink:
Looking forward to hearing about this payed members thingo, sounds like a good idea, I’m up for it.

@Goofster do not do that again , if you want to do that tell us or send privet message !!!:mad:

You never know what you have until its gone haha…you cant stay up all night with myspace alone

I am curious… WTF do you mean?

That Goofster should send all users a PM while he is asleep that the servers drives will be full?

@arexma, first read my signature be cuz you tell me WTF tell your self WTF
i tell Goofster not you .:ba:

Sleeping! How can you sleep when the world needs blender? If we don’t have lives neither shuold you!!!

LOl just kidding, thanks for fixing it before i even knew it was broken.

BA is back!!!

It is? Do you perhaps have a link, so I could check it myself?

Its already hard enough to figure out what you actually mean because your grammar is really poor.
However you dont even understand the replys to your posts then…
Well and i dont need to tell myself WTF, because i already asked myself WTF.

In order to gain respect you need to show it. Demanding to be respected is disrespectfull.

And even if you would show some respect you’re still fucking annoying.

And thanks goofster for getting this site back up.

I give this thread some more pages from here and I will be not surprised if it got locked or the topic will go
off the line…
quote?! who?! and I dont need to, most of you understand by now what or the air... Nop! than read before you skip some lines! [Civx]( is old news now, one why or the other he will understand English after all this not English speaker, it great thing (and crazy) how he get this far here with the forum! I think the <b>[Forum Leaders]( </b>are more than happy to have us all and who dont … getting the server’s disk
full means, they did a great job on hosting the site the right way…
I may (WE) use THE other language that has Fs and As but it WILL end up locked all of BA for good!

Good thing it’s back, I was worried about the site after it being down all day yesterday.

Please don’t fall asleep on us again.:wink: