BA maximum file size for uploads?

I am trying to get some help in the Materials and textures forum. I am trying to upload a .blend file but it does not seem to work. I have deleted everything from the blend file that is not relevant to the problem. The blend file size is 44mb?

Is this considered a large blend file to post?

Current limits on the file upload panel

Did you use the Compress option when you saved the blend file. Have you removed unnecessary textures ?

Thank you. Where do I find the “file upload panel”?

I did not use the compress option and I could not figure out how remove the extra textures. (there really should be a button to do this next to the copy and delete options)

I will definately employ both of those methods when I need to control the size of a blend file. I used the compress option the file is now 7.5Mb

Thank you for your help

Use the ‘Go Advanced’ option when writing post, then press the paperclip icon or the ‘Manage Attachments’ button